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Watch out when looking for a partner on the Internet

Searching for your love and the right partner but have had no luck so far? And now you want to try a dating agency? You have to be very careful.

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Searching for your love and the right partner but have had no luck so far? And now you want to try a dating agency? You have to be very careful. The advertising rarely corresponds to reality. Here we would like to explain where you have to look more closely.


Dating agency or just singles dating service?

First of all, you have to ask yourself what you expect from the partner search service:
The job of a dating agency is to actively support the single person in finding a suitable partner. That is why the candidate (man or woman) is more or less screened in the first step. Most of the time, you have to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and indicate your interests and preferences. On this basis, the matchmaker tries to find the right partner for you.

You should distinguish between dating agencies and contact or singles dating services. Singles dating services only provide a platform on which you can post your profile and view the profiles of other users. The service is thus limited to providing the technical possibilities for finding a partner.

Is free membership a good idea?

Many dating portals attract potential customers with free membership. In most cases, the free offer is limited in time, e.g. only for 14 days. If you do not cancel or terminate the contract in time, it gets automatically renewed. The free membership then often turns into a paid and expensive subscription.

Our tip: Read the General Business Conditions (AGB) carefully and check the amount of the membership fee!

Does the dating agency keep its promises?

Do you find the woman or man on the advertising poster of the service provider attractive and would you like to arrange a date with him/her? Usually this is hardly possible. Many dating agencies hire attractive women and men for advertising purposes (so-called decoys) in order to win you over as a partner-seeker. Your search for the person on the poster on the dating portal often goes in vain.

Will I really find a suitable partner?

Some consumers complain about the services of dating agencies: the allegedly suitable ideal partners do not meet the expectations and the personality profile described. One reason for this is that the services of many dating agencies are limited to computerised measures. Matches in the candidate profiles are determined using a computer program. Profiles selected in this manner are then presented as "ideal partners".