Occupational disability insurance, accident insurance, building insurance, liability insurance, household insurance, motor vehicle insurance and much more - the range of products is vast. Some are useful to protect yourself from the financial consequences of certain events, while others are unnecessary given your individual situation. We will assist you with independent advice in finding the right insurance policy for you.


Our experts can advise you on the following topics, for example:

  • What types of insurance policies do make sense in my situation?
  • Review of existing policies:
  • Does the policy make sense? What are the termination options?


Would you like advice on insurance as an investment or retirement provision? Click here for all the information.

We offer advice:

  • in person at our advice centres in Brandenburg a.d.H., Cottbus, Eberswalde, Frankfurt (Oder), Oranienburg, Potsdam und Königs Wusterhausen; to book an appointment, please contact us on telephone on 0331/98 22 999 5 (Mon-Fri 9-18) or online at
  • or by email (in German): Click here for details


Legal advice

You describe your case to our advisers and then receive individual assistance. In many cases this will help you to assert your rights independently.

In-person advice: EUR 20.00 (30 minutes)
Email advice (in German): EUR 20.00; click here for details

Legal representation

Our advisers will represent you out of court - including in writing - vis-à-vis the company.

Out-of-court legal representation: EUR 40.00