Travel and mobility

A dream holiday can turn into nightmare, irrespective whether it was a package or independently booked holiday. The accommodation is dirty and the food is inedible. The flight is delayed and the provider refuses to pay any compensation. The cost of rebooking or cancelling flights, or making name changes is very high. The holiday portal charges high additional costs at the time of booking. Or the company refuses to accept returns of goods purchased on a promotional shopping trip.


Our experts can advise you on the following topics, for example:

  • Travel problems and complaints
  • Delay and cancellation of train, bus or flight connections
  • Problems with travel agency portals
  • Purchase of goods on promotional shopping trips

We offer advice:


Legal advice

You describe your case to our advisers and then receive individual legal assistance. In many cases this will help you to assert your rights independently.

In-person advice: EUR 15.00 (30 minutes)
Email advice (in German): EUR 20.00; click here for details
Preparation of an individual letter: plus EUR 10.00
Video chat advice using Digimobil: free of charge

Legal representation

Our advisers will represent you out of court - including in writing - vis-à-vis the company.

Out-of-court legal representation: EUR 40.00

Quick query

You have a simple question that our advisors can answer quickly.

Ad-hoc advice: EUR 5.00