Fixed & mobile communications and internet

For many, a life without the internet, mobile phones and telephones is no longer conceivable. Online shopping with a laptop or smartphone from the sofa at home is also convenient. But what to do if there are problems with the service provider? Or if you have a rude awakening after shopping online, for example, because the designer jacket you have ordered does not arrive or the one-time purchase turns out to be a subscription?


Our experts can advise you on the following topics, for example:

  • Excessive bills for fixed, mobile or internet contracts
  • Cancellation /termination of contracts, complaints
  • Charges from third-party providers on the mobile phone bill
  • Agreed service is not provided, for example, due to insufficient internet speed or faulty products
  • Problems when purchasing goods and services on the internet, for example, through subscription traps or fake shops

We offer advice:


Legal advice

You describe your case to our advisers and then receive individual legal assistance. In many cases this will help you to assert your rights independently.

In-person advice: EUR 15.00 (30 minutes)
Email advice (in German): EUR 20.00; click here for details
Preparation of an individual letter: plus EUR 10.00
Video chat advice using Digimobil: free of charge

Legal representation

Our advisers will represent you out of court - including in writing - vis-à-vis the company.

Out-of-court legal representation: EUR 40.00

Quick query

You have a simple question that our advisors can answer quickly.

Ad-hoc advice: EUR 5.00